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Prayer Request: Mercy,Faith,HOLY SPIRIT

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Mercy,Faith,HOLY SPIRIT (Oct 13, 2011)

Prayer Request:

Pray GOD shows me how to give Mercy the way GOD would want me to.Pray GOD gives me a milllion times more Mercy than i can give.Pray GOD gives me the HOLY SPIRIT real strong over my life,body,mind,soul and spirit.Pray GOD gives me the Faith to move mountains.Pray all these things will be fulfilled in the Name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD.

   Discussion: Mercy,Faith,HOLY SPIRIT
suraj abraham (anon) · 8 years, 10 months ago
Urgent prayer request for a good job. I am very desperate for a job to take care of my family.Please pray for me.Suraj AbrahamThanking you
Raj (anon) · 8 years, 9 months ago
- LOL! you know me so well, its scary hahaha yeah i saved this video long time ago and still get wow'd by it..thanks for ponsitg it up!!!! hope family is strong and victorious in the Lord! have a great weekend bro!
Leticia (anon) · 8 years, 9 months ago
30 June 2011Dear John,You and Al De Meola were the giant heroes of my dear<a href=""> fernid</a> Aurel Nica from Romania. He was playing at a Russian Mafia joint on the Black Sea.He met a french girl, Sandrine, went with her to France and they were married, living in Sevran.Baby was on the way Sandrine emailed me & told me Aurel had died. I could get no reply from her after that.Please know that he adored yours and Al's playing and wished to emulate you both. He was a bloody good guitar player, Shame.Best regards, Mark Whitty.
Maxi (anon) · 8 years, 9 months ago
wild, my wondering about Davis and Dale was based on their boaivher regarding the David Laws affair (ahem). The issue then was whether or not Laws was being forced to step down because heterosexuals were unfairly imposing a definition of a relationship on his homosexual lifestyle. Both Davis and Dale had a nice wink and nudge about it being a bit of how's your father as a regular hook-up but not a relationship as supposedly defined by mainstream heterosexual society.They were openly suggesting that it was unfair because homosexual relationships were different, and that the straights calling for Laws to resign simply didn't understand that.This loose(r) standard they were defending leads to the risky boaivher being discussed here, which is why I brought up Davis and Dale's position on Laws (it's getting harder damn more and more difficult to avoid unsavory puns here) in connection with the larger issue of this risky boaivher.I hope Dale and/or Davis would condemn risky boaivher among homosexuals if called upon, but there's evidence of a double standard there, so I can't be sure. 0 likes sedxwzuy [link=]uzjcuiat[/link]

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